Grab all the steak you can get your greasy hands on – it’s the Brooklyn Beefsteak!

Five years running, New York’s galvanizing beef and beer banquet arrives at the Bell House on Sunday, April 13th in its boldest form to date.

We’re talking heaping trays of delectable sliced steak, an endless flow of McSorley’s Light & Dark, and a double-serving of the baddest hillbilly proto-rockers this side of the Allegheny – Susquehanna Tool & Die Company...SIT & DIE!

It’s a celebration of America's favorite libation and our carnivorous inclinations. Committed communal bread-stacking is not only welcome, but encouraged and rewarded.

So tie on your aprons*, forget your forks and knives, and belly up for a boisterous taste of New York tradition.

Celebrating 5 years of beefsteaks, SIT&DIE Co. went into the studio to record, At The Brooklyn Beefsteak! -- four foot-thumpin' BEEFSTEAK originals. Come get it friends!


Sunday, April 13th

Two Seatings

1PM (Sold out!)
5PM (Sold out!)


$50 for 4+ Groups

$55 for Individuals

Ticket price includes all-you-can-eat beef, all-you-can-drink beer, your very own souvenir apron (for grilling in the sun), absolutely NO UTENSILS, and an endless helping of fun.


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Appearing Live! Susquehanna Industrial Tool & Die Company